Founders Journey

Our story: Made in USA

Read more about how we made a great shoe for women on the go.

Years ago, the mills of Lawrence, MA hummed with typical sounds and the familiar activity of manufacturing machines. All along the canal and Merrimack River, mills shared the energy and livelihood afforded by shoe making, apparel makers, paper and box mills, to name just a few.

As manufacturers moved their production off shore, the mills became empty and mostly fell into disrepair and neglect. In 2001, we moved into a small comer of a mostly abandoned five-story mill set between the Lawrence canal and Merrimack River. Today, the mill is fully occupied with over fifty small businesses, but apropos footwear remains its only manufacturing operation.  

Read more about how we developed a better shoe for women on the go at Our Story:




Made in the USA

Learn the story of our shoes.




Our textiles

We canvas textile mills around the world for quality fabrics in unique patterns and color combinations that created distinctive, accessorizing effects “like a scarf for your feet”™ — all with an eye on the practicality of machine-washing and durability.

Our concept and collections

We introduce two collections annually and never repeat a pattern. Once we cut through our yardage, we move onto the next unique motif or color scheme, keeping our collections fresh and fun. For more of our unique concepts, visit New Designs and Collections.