Three S's of Fit & Feel

Size, Shape, Sensation

Size of shoe: Start with your largest shoe size, but note that apropos are fully lined and meant to be worn without socks.

Shape of foot:  Everyone has two different size feet but shape matters. Feel free to let us know if yours is unique by adding details in the Notes box on your order.

Sensation of fabric:  Our upper fabrics are lightly padded for a breathable, forgiving upper that's kind to curves.  Some fabrics have more yield than others, so we've labeled them as tight, medium or loose weaves.

Made in the USA means we can make some modifications for: 

  • High toe-box: toe spring or hammer toe
  • Heel contour: improved heel grip for narrow feet or Y-shaped feet.
  • Strap adjustment: loosened straps for feet with edema/swelling
  • Wide forefoot: for C-width feet
  • Double wide forefoot: for D-width feet
  •  You’ll feel the difference our expertise makes.