The Journey

Our Origin

Life demands good footwear, and we are committed to making comfortable shoes that are fun and whimsical, not frumpy.  Purposefully constructed for function first, our components were developed with athletic footwear suppliers in New England, a region steeped in shoemaking history.  Our obsession with warp and weave of textiles produces distinctive color pallets and patterns to accessorize and take you day to evening.  apropos footwear are built to make women’s lives easier as they manage countless every day tasks for family, friends, themselves. 

Engineered for Comfort and Support

When developing our shoes, we aimed for a design that imposed the least friction or restraint, afforded good stability and support, and responded as a natural extension of how your foot moves.


We use high cotton-content weaves to provide aesthic beauty and breathability. When combined with our moisture-wicking, lightly padded lining, our upper conforms to foot shapes and contours for incomparable comfort.

Our sturdy shell sole has a slight heel elevation (1/4”) that offers lateral heel support, absorbs street impact, and allows for hours on your feet. 

Machine-washable in cold/gentle cycle followed by air drying keeps them fresh for years of wear.

Designed To Showcase Your Style

We source our high-quality textiles from mills in the USA and throughout the world, seeking out unique patterns and blends of color to elevate every look and suit any mood. The fabrics we choose play a huge role in achieving a comfortable shoe – that’s why we only use fabrics that are durable, high in cotton, soft, breathable, and with enough yield to hug the unique curves of your feet. We introduce two textiles annually and never repeat a pattern. Once we cut through our yardage, we move on to the next unique motif or color scheme, keeping our collections fun, fresh, and fashion-forward.

Backed Up by Expertise and Superb Customer Service

Achieving maximum comfort in footwear requires a good fit. With over 30 years of experience fitting challenging feet, àpropos fit experts know exactly what it takes to interface your curves with our construction. Creating the perfect shoe for your imperfect foot is our promise and our passion!  Learn more on our Fit & Sizing page.