Circle of Sole

Circle of Sole

Meet our network of suppliers and textile mills, many located in New England, who have ensured a standard of quality and stability that supports our Made in USA commitment. 

These relationships across multiple competencies were cultivated over twenty-five years of being in business, and have enabled us to weather the challenges and hurdles which inevitably land in the path of every business. 

Without their family-like support, the road to achieving our goals would have been significantly harder to navigate.


The majority of our fabrics are sourced in the USA.
 Textile mills throughout the northeast and mid-Atlantic
regions continue to pursue innovation in technology,
 sustainability and treatments that improve fabric
durability and performance. These benefits and
properties extend into àpropos’ shoes.





Made to spec components, and their timely delivery, 
are crucial to our finished product. We couldn’t achieve this
without cooperation from suppliers who perform as though they
were part of our internal operations. A reliable supply chain
makes it possible for us to keep a trustworthy fulfillment
schedule for our customers around the world.




Our Circle of Sole involves almost two dozen parts and 
operations in the process of making àpropos footwear.
We intend to continue making our shoes right here in the US
with the help of our suppliers,
as long as you’ll keep taking
àpropos around the world and wherever you journey.