Weaves of the World™ (WOW)

A purposeful partnership

Our uniquely beautiful Weaves of the World™ collection of ballet skimmers brings you the style and comfort you expect from àpropos, plus the opportunity to help provide dignified employment for women facing economic and social challenges. Our WOW collection is manufactured in the U.S.A. using limited-edition, hand-woven fabrics from around the world – fabrics woven with a purpose.

Featured fabrics from Nong Khai’s Isan Weaving Center

Weaves of the World™ debuts with fabrics from the Isan Weaving Center in Nong Khai, Thailand. Poor soil and lack of rain in Nong Khai force many women to leave their villages in search of work to support their families. With few opportunities available to them, their journey frequently leads to danger and the sex trade.

Recognizing that people of this area needed help, the Good Shepherd Sisters arrived to establish work programs in 1981 which included the ISAN Weaving Center. These programs remain a source of empowerment today.

WOW Shoes let you make a statement ... and a difference

We are privileged to work with the people of the Isan Weaving Center knowing that the exclusive fabrics we source for àpropos WOW will strengthen the lives of these women and contribute to the economic growth of their local community.